0-20,000 ppm range


PID VOCs monitoring 0-500ppm

Toxic sensor socket accepts CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, or PH3

24/7 Datalogging

Remote Monitoring

Field mounting tripod adapter



Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Cleanup/Remediation

Hazmat Response


Urban Search & Rescue

Venue Protection

Indoor Air Quality - Telemetry 6 Gas Monitoring System


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

The AreaRAE Gamma is a combination multi-gas and radiation detector equipped with a wireless, RF (radio-frequency)modem that allows the unit to communicate and transmit sensor and other information on a real-time basis with a remotely located base controller.

In the stand alone operation, the AreaRAE Gamma is a rugged, weather-resistant, one-to-five sensor portable monitor that can run up to 24 hours on either rechargeable Lithium-ion or optional alkaline batteries. It is also the first “lunchbox”- type multi-sensor instrument able to include a gamma sensor for measurement of gamma radiation, a photoionization detector (PID) for parts-per-million measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as an LEL combustible gas sensor, oxygen sensor, and a selectable electrochemical toxic sensor.

The RF modem allows real-time data transmissions with a base controller located up to two miles (3.2 km) away from the AreaRAE Gamma detector. A personal computer can be used as the base station. The standard ProRAE Remote software used to control AreaRAE Gamma systems is capable of monitoring the input of up to 32 remotely located monitors.