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Air Quality - BIOS Dry Calibrator


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

Bios International is the world leader in portable dry piston technology, and nowhere is this more evident than with our DryCal DC-Lite primary gas flow calibrator. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the DryCal DC-1 and DC-2, the popular, user-friendly DC-Lite is the ideal flow meter for a wide variety of industrial hygiene, environmental, and laboratory applications. Its high-speed measurements, combined with its compact size, field-portability, and affordable cost, make the DC-Lite the preferred, low-maintenance tool for ±1% per- reading volumetric calibrations. Available in five autonomous flow models, the DC-Lite covers a convenient measuring range, from 1 ml—30,000 ml per minute.

The BIOS Dry Cal is commonly used for calibrating portable air sampling pumps such as the GilAir.

Spectra Scientific is always willing and capable to meeting additional requirments or requests regarding the High Volume Pump. Including custom flow rate calibration, vaccum chamber construction, and multi pump designs.