Constant flow 20-5000 cc/min

Constant pressure 1-5000 cc/min

8 Hour run time

3.5 Hour charge time


Asbestos Testing

Leak Detection

Perimeter Assessment


Soil Vapour Testing

Indoor Air Quality

Leaking underground storage tanks

GilAir Plus
Air Quality - Air Sampling Pump


Spectra Product#: DST-000

The GilAir Plus is a personal air sampling pump that is compatible with all personal air sampling methods with flow ranges between 20 and 5,100 cc/min. The GilAir Plus can perform both high-flow constant pressure and constant flow (450-5,100 cc/min) and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow (20-499 cc/min) with a single pump without external adaptors.

The GilAir Plus is commonly used for Asbestos sampling and Soil Vapour testing.

Spectra Scientific is always willing and capable to meeting additional requirments or requests regarding the GilAir Plus. Including custom flow rate calibration, vaccum chamber construction, and multi pump designs.