280ft (85m) Sampling Depth

Controlled Flow Rate

280ft (85m) Sampling Depth

100ml/min to 30LPM Flow Rate


Groundwater Sampling

Well Remediation

Grundfos Redi Flo Pump
Water Sampling - Well Development & Remediation


Spectra Product#: PMP-000

The Grundfos Redi Flo Pump is the ideal choice for high volume well purging. The Grundfos Controller allows techician to control the flow rate from low flow sampling 100ml/min to 30LPM. With purging abilities up to 280 feet (85m) this is a smooth choice for purging and well development.

The Grundfos Redi Flo comes with a generator and controller.

For exact purging requirements we ask that you contact us directly to ensure you receive the best product for your needs.