Flow Rate 3-14LPM

Rugged Design


Asbestos Testing

Industrial Hygiene

Diaphragm Pump
Air Quality - High Volume Pump


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

Zefon 23 stroke high volume diaphragm area sampling pumps are economical workhorses suitable for use with asbestos PCM and TEM cassettes, carpet sampling cassettes and Air-O-Cell IAQ sampling cassettes. Each pump comes with a locking flow control valve, hose barb, 10' tubing and on/off switch. Flow range of 3 to 14LPM.

The High Volume Pump is commonly used for Asbestos sampling and Soil Vapour testing.

Spectra Scientific is always willing and capable to meeting additional requirments or requests regarding the High Volume Pump. Including custom flow rate calibration, vaccum chamber construction, and multi pump designs.