Turbidity Sensor




Hydrolab Quanta G
Water Quality Meter


Spectra Product#: WQM-000

This system measures temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, resistivity, salinity, pH/ ORP, and available TURBIDITY simultaneously. Setup and operation are simple and straightforward and we recommend this unit for low-flow groundwater sampling measurements.

The probe is also waterproof to 100 meters, can measure depth, and is excellent for monitoring water quality in both fresh and salt water environments. It has one of the most reliable oxygen sensors made (true water circulator), the only 4-beam turbidity sensor available in a unit like this, and maintains its accuracy at the low end of its concentration scales.

The Quanta G offers Stainless steel construction and is designed to fit down a two inch well. What's more, it is a snap to calibrate in the field. It is compact, light and can be used with an included flow through cell for easy above-grade groundwater monitoring. In short, an excellent lightweight, accurate, and easy to use system.