0-2000 ppm range for VOC detection

Loud Alarm & Vibration

Oxygen, LEL, PID sensors

Choice of 9 toxic sensors


Initial PPE Assessment

Leak Detection

Perimeter Assessment


Confined Space Entry

Indoor Air Quality

Soil & Water headspace analysis

Leaking underground storage tanks

MultiRAE Plus
Air Quality - Multi Gas Detection


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

The MultiRAE Plus is a four gas meter that combines PID with 4 gas meters. The MultiRae Plus has toxic sensore ability that can measure CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, CL2, HCN, NH2, and PH2. With 0-2000ppm capabilities it is an excellent choice for Remediation sites, Confined Space Entry, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene needs. The portable and rugged design makes it a favorite among users.

The MultiRAE Plus is solution oriented and has been developed for Remediation engineers and Industrial Hygienists.

Spectra Scientific is always willing and capable to meeting additional requirments or requests regarding the MultiRae Plus. Including custom gas sensor requirments.