28ft (8.5m) Sampling Depth

Sample Frequency of 1 minute to 99hrs 59min (1min increments)

Sample Volumes of 10 to 9990mL (1 ml increments)




CSO Monitoring

Permit Compliance

Pretreatment Compliance

ISCO Portable Sampler
Water Sampling - Well Development & Remediation


Spectra Product#: PMP-000

The Isco portable sampler is a programmable water sampler designed for wastewater and stormwater applications. In Standard Programming Mode, the controller walks you through the sampling sequence step-by-step, allowing you to choose all parameters specific to your application. Extended Programming Mode lets you enter more complex programs including “smart sampling” event notification, triggered on any combination of up to 16 inputs. The ISCO progammable pump offers sample frequency of 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes.

Spectra Scientific offers full technical and product support for the setting up and usage of the ISCO Portable Sampler.