40-110dB range

48 Hour Battery Life



Land Surveying

ByLaw Compliance

Quest Q300 Sound Meter
Sound - Sound Level Meters


Spectra Product#: SUR-000

The Q-300 performs the calculations for three dosimeters operating simultaneously in one instrument. A numerical readout of measurements for any of the three dosimeters may be displayed. The results of individual sound studies may be stored in internal memory for future reference. Meter operation is controlled from the keypad. Data may be sent to a parallel or serial printer, or to a computer by using an appropriate interface cable.

The Q-300 may be clipped on a belt or worn in a shirt pocket. The small microphone is simply clipped to the shirt near the ear. The meters are housed in a tough diecast aluminum case to protect against physical abuse as well as external electrical interference, such as that from motors or portable radios.