6 Gas Monitor

600 VOCs Sampling

PID Capabilities

Interchangeable Sensors

Safety Alarm


Industrial Hygiene

Remediation Sites

Confined Space Entry

Hazmat Response Teams

Arson Investigations

Perimeter Monitoring

Landfill Monitoring

RKI GX-6000
Air Quality - Confined Space Monitoring


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

The RKI GX-6000 is a rugged 4 gas monitor & PID. Mobile and with simultaneous detect and display ability, the RKI GX-6000 is a perfect choice for confined space entry, perimeter monitoring, leak detection, or landfill monitoring rentals. The GX-6000 has two PID lamps from the four available, making it a versitile choice for gas detection. The four PID sensors allow the RKI GX-6000 to sample 600 different VOCs.

The GX-6000 is predominetly used for its portability and ruggedness. The safety features make it a favorite for Confined Space Entry, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene.

At Spectra Scientific we provide all types of gas detection based on client requests.