Environemental Rentals
Environmental Rentals

Spectra Scientific offers high quality environmental equipment rentals. With over 20 years of experience in the environemental manufacture and rental industry we are the intelligent choice for environmental equipment rental.

Our Services

When renting with Spectra you can be assured of the highest quality equipment along with expert technical support and guidance from the minds that built the worlds best peristaltic pump.

As part of our company practice we do not charge for weekends and transit days. Spectra Scientific is committed to providing excellent service at the best prices.

At Spectra we invest heavily in educating and providing our clients with the best support and technical knowledge to ensure competency and confidence in using and understanding equipment in the field.

Environmental Rentals

Dynamic Calibration

At Spectra Scientific we are experts in technical matters. We specialize in adapting equipment to satisfy custom concerns regarding environmental rentals. Whether it be custom sensor combinations for Water Quality Meters or a change in Air Quality parameters, our experience allows us to seamlessly fulfill these requests.

Spectra has offered custom project solutions such as building closed systems, multi purpose water sampling stations, interval groundwater sampling, GPS & GNSS Data solutions and more for the past two decades! No problem is too difficult for us to handle, contact us to get started.

Technical Knowledge

When renting with Spectra you can be assured of expert technical support. From helping you choose the correct equipment to ensure project success to live on-site support. You have the full Spectra backing from start to finish.

Spectra Scientific offers seminars and training for Air Quality, Water Quality, Water Sampling and all other equipment. We also offer a Repair service designed to save you money and increase product life of all environmental equipment.

Environmental Rental
Environmental Rental

Coordinated Transit

Spectra Scientific does not and has never charged rentals for days in transit. We work with our customers to provide ease of transportation and are flexible in meeting needs, whether that involves meeting at a specified point or providing after hours pickup and drop off.

Contact us to find out how to make sure your company always has equipment at a moments notice and will never be charged hefty shipping/delivery fees while receiving all equipment and solutions!

Personalized Support

When building a relationship with a company you want to be sure they are trustworthy and committed for the long haul. Spectra Scientific has over 20 years of service to environmental industry through our rental services and our manufacturing service. We are much more than a warehouse of equipment with a revolving door. We have built relationships all over the world through our manufacturing department and our rental division.

Working with Spectra is building for the future, we are one of the leading producers of innovative equipment within the environmental industry and are invested for the long term. The success of our clients is our success!

Environmental rentals