Horizontal, Vertical, Single & Dual slope applications

Long-range operation (800m)

120 Hour Battery



Land Surveying

Civil Engineering

TOPCON Laser Level
Survey - Laser Level


Spectra Product#: SUR-000

The Topcon laser level is built for multitasking — jobs where you need a laser for horizontal, vertical, single or dual slope applications. This laser is easy to use and will meet all your job site rotating laser needs.

This self-leveling laser allows a single person to determine groundwater elevations at a site. Instead of requiring two people, one to hold the measuring rod and one to look through the site, renting this unit will save money and manpower. Following setup, the unit sends out a laser plane that is automatically 100% level. One person with a measuring rod can quickly find the elevation of any point within site of the unit. This unit is excellent for any situation where relative elevations are important.