Spectra Field Pro Groundwater Sampling Peristaltic Pump
Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump

The Spectra Field Pro is the only handcrafted all-in-one Professional Quality Peristaltic Pump. Trusted as the go-to peristaltic pump for over 20 years.

Environmental Rentals

As Manufacturers we understand the need for high quality equipment, our Field Pro has been the industry standard groundwater sampling pump for 20 years. We hold all our equipment to these standards. From Gas Detectors to Water Quality Meters to Field Supplies we have tried and tested the equipment to make sure they comply with our rigorous standards and leave our clients satisfied. When renting with Spectra you will never be dissapointed in quality.

Industrial Hygiene

ppbRAE 3000

Air Quality

RKI Eagle 2

Water Quality Meter


Confined Space Monitoring

MultiRAE Pro

Portable Dust Meter

MIE Personal DataRAM

Multi Gas Detector/PID

RKI GX-6000

Long Term Water Quality Meter

YSI Exo 2

Well Purging

Monsoon Pump


We believe in excellence in service, whether that be offereing technical training for product usage, or technical knowledge to help determine best equipment for jobs. At Spectra Scientific we have a track record of excellence.


Environmental Sales

Spectra Scientific manufactures and sells the professional grade Field Pro Peristaltic Pump. Alongside the Field Pro we sell the highest quality Consumables such as Groundwater Filters, Bailers, Tubing, and Quick Connections.

Spectra sells all sorts of environmental equipment inclding Water Quality Meters, Water Levels, Gas Detectors, 4 Gas Monitors all from the top brands such as YSI, RKI, RAE, Hydrolab, and more. If you are looking for advice on what to purchase please contact us so we can guide you to the best value purchase.

Environmental Rentals

We have provided customers with Rentals and Solutions for over 20 years and counting. During this time we became known across Toronto, Massachusetts, Canada and the United States for being more than just a warehouse of equipment with zero technical experience.

Spectra has provided solutions to a variety of complex environmental issues and projects over the decades. When renting with Spectra you can be confident that you are working with experienced and knowledgeable engineers. No project or request is too difficult for us to handle.


Environmental Repairs

As one of the leading manufacturers of Environmental equipment our product knowledge is ranked at the top of the industry. For over 20 years Spectra has been repairing and servicing Environmental Equipment from all over the world and from the top brands. Our experience in repair and manufacture is unrivalled and our pricing reflects an ethical and honest approach.

For decades our Repair team was known for bringing equipment back to life and saving thousands of dollars.


Spectra Scientific is constantly researching and working with our clients to develop and improve the quality of equipment in the environmental industry. Our connection with our clients is what gives us the edge in research and design of high quality and reliable products.

Working with Spectra is building for the future, we are one of the leading producers of innovative equipment within the environmental industry and are invested for the long term. The success of our clients is our success!

Company Values

Our company history spans multi decades, throughout this time we have cultivated a tradition of excellent service and meaningful innovative designs. At Spectra Scientific we are always asking what we can do to better serve the Environment and as an extension our customers around the world.



Our company was founded with the ethos of conducting ethical and integrity filled transactions. We understand that our prosperity comes from the success of our clients. This is why in over 20 years of operating Spectra has never charged for transit days and weekends when renting Equipment.

Whether is it rentals, sales, or client consultation, you can be assured that when dealing with Spectra we will always look out for the best needs of our clients.


Our commitment to quality is displayed through the care and work we put in our Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump. While others are content with selling a single unit for years, our team of engineers is constantly working on bettering our products.

Since the start we have produced high quality products that last decades. Our intention is to build a product that will last a lifetime and continue our legacy long after us. We carry the same principles within our Rental and Repair division. Quality is paramount in our dealings.



As we make breakthroughs in original thought and design within the Environmental industry, we believe in the intellectual development of our clients. We believe in service done right, our facility is known as a refuge of relaxation for all our clients.

It is a cool spot of relaxation on hot summer days and a warm refuge of comfort on cold winter evenings. Come visit us for a surprise!