0-15,000 ppb range

Humidity Compensation

100ft Pump draw range

Datalogging Capabilities

Correction factor for 350+ compounds

Rugged Built


Emergency Response

Environmental Cleanup


Site Remediaion

Hazmat Response

Leak Detection

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial Hygiene

ppbRAE 3000
Air Quality - Industrial Hygiene


Spectra Product#: AIRQ-000

The ppbRAE 3000+ is a best-of-breed monitor trusted by many of the world’s leaders in CBRNE, HazMat Response, Civil Defense, Oil & Gas, and other hazardous environments. Using a 3rd generation photoionization detector (PID) and built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, the ppbRAE 3000+ is one of the most advanced VOC monitors for parts-per-billion (ppb) detection. It measures the presence of VOCs from 1ppb-10,000ppm with a three-second response time. A rugged housing, large display, and large keys that can be operated with three layers of gloves all make for a unit that’s easy to use and maintain.

The ppbRAE 3000+ is solution oriented and has been developed for Remediation engineers and Industrial Hygienists.

Spectra Scientific is always willing and capable to meeting additional requirments or requests.