Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump

The Spectra Field Pro III is the industry strandard groundwater and environmental sampling pump. Environmental Technicians and Scientists from all over the world choose the Field Pro as their peristaltic pump of choice due to the trust it has built from over 20 years of service.

Flow Rate

0-1900 ml/min


23 kg

Battery Life

8 hours

Storage Space

4300cm3 with 3 vial holders

peristaltic pump

Rugged Exterior

Powder coated alluminum casing with industrial quality stainless steel clips to ensure longevity and durability in all types of climates. Rain, snow, mud - the Spectra Field Pro is built to last and preform in the harshest conditions to ensure job completion.

Handcrafted to Perfection

The Spectra Field Pro is the only peristaltic pump to be built from scratch with the highest quality parts. The Spectra Field Pro is built with the intention to last decades.

Water Resistant

Built to be placed above ground to ensure protection from mud and harmful ground contaminants. The water release is designed to prevent buildup of water and moisture within internal electrical components. The Spectra Field Pro is IP65 rated.

Top-Angled Pump Head

The only Peristaltic Pump to put Technicans first by incorporating a top-angled Pump head design to ensure tubing is elevated above ground and sample contamination is prevented.

Internal Storage

Containing an internal storage for well keys, notebooks, or even samples. The Field Pro is designed to be the ultimate field companion whether you are an environmental technician conducting low flow groundwater sampling or an environmental scientist working in forestry conducting eDNA sampling. Whatever the case, the Field Pro is designed to provide ease of use while assuring the job will get done for decades.

Smart Charging

The Field Pro is built on smart charging technology meaning that it can last over 8 hours in the field on a single charge if needed. For emergency occasion, the alligator clips provide a connection for an external source. The Field Pro is designed to have a solution for all situations, to ensure that the user can always get the job done with confidence.

Well Purging

Although the Field Pro is built for low flow sampling it possesses the ability to function as a down well pump controller. Making it the only peristaltic pump to serve as a low flow sampler as well as a controller for well purging. Acting like a submersible pump controller the Spectra Field Pro is the all in one environmental pump solution.

Field Pro Specifications

Flow Rate

0-1900 ml/min


23 lbs

Battery Life

8 hours


16.5"L x 10.5"W x 9"H

IP Rating


Tubing Sizes

3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2

Power Source

Built in 12V Battery with internal charging capabilities

Smart Electronics

Flow Rate is constant for 90% of Battery Life

1 year warranty applies
Built to Last

Peristaltic Pumps designed by us are built to last decades. Our intelligent design ensures that the Field Pro is able to operate for as long as required. The earliest versions of our pumps designed 20 years ago are still used daily in rental fleets and engineering companies all over the world. With correct instructions from our engineers any liscensed technician can preform repairs on the Field Pro making it a cost and user effective.

Our Worldwide Clients

Field Pro - The Professional Choice

The Field Pro is the only professional quality peristaltic pump built to thrive in the harshest conditions. No peristaltic pump comes near the Spectra Field Pro in terms of design, ruggedness, and longevity. Proven to last in the field for over 20 years and counting. The Spectra Field Pro is the professional choice for groundwater sampling.

Spectra Field Pro III

The Spectra Scientific Field Pro III peristaltic pump is the third and latest itteration in the Field Pro series. The Field Pro III comes in variable motor speeds ideal for groundwater sampling, low flow sampling or environmental sampling. Due to popular demand the option for variable speed motors is available to our customers. The Field Pro is built to last, it is the result of many years of continuous improvement and development. Hand crafted from start to finished with high quality parts sourced from trusted sources, smart electronics, and rigourous testing all make the Spectra Field Pro the worlds leading Peristaltic Pump.